Beta Software and Services

At XE, we are continually working on improving our tools and services as well as developing new ones. Below are some beta test products. We encourage you to test them out and give us feedback.

These tools are all governed by our terms of use. However, there is no documentation and support cannot be provided. You should always back up your system before installing any software at all.


Here are some tools and services we are are working on. They are placed here simply so those who wish to try them for testing or feedback purposes may do so.

These tools are all governed by our normal terms of use. However, you also need to be aware of the following:

These tools have no user documentation. We think they will be useful at some point or we wouldn't put them here, but these are currently test products and no support can be provided.

In no case is there any warranty that the tool will work properly or at all. In fact, use of these tools will probably cause you to forget your mother's birthday, your roof to leak and your shoelaces to fray. You should always back up your system before installing any software at all. You have been warned.

What's Available

  • XE Currency Converter™ — FireFox Extension
    Lets you perform conversions from your Firefox browser with a large amount of customization including the ability to select a number and convert it using a right-click. Download from our servers.
    Click this link to install the extension now.
  • XE Currency Converter™ — Open Search Plugins
    OpenSearch is a standard for providing search capabilities in the browser. Our converter would have to be rewritten to allow full conversion in this context, but simple conversions can be performed with preset currency pairs in one direction.
    Click this link for some pre-built search plugins.
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