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  • North American Edition2015-11-25 12:32 UTC

    The dollar rebounded, led by a sharp EUR-USD dive to a new seven-year low at 1.0579. EUR-JPY also lost a big figure during the move, even though USD-JPY lifted from a nine-month low at 122.26 to the mid-to-upper 122s as the dollar outperformed. AUD-USD dropped back under 0.7260 after earlier logging a one-month peak at 0.7282. The divergent policy paths between the ECB and the Fed became evident again with ECB member Constancio saying that "a faster ... Read More 

  • European Edition2015-11-25 08:11 UTC

    The dollar has continued to trade softly, with EUR-USD carving out a new high for the week at 1.0677 and USD-JPY posting a nine-day low at 122.26. The greenback is also showing about 0.25% declines versus the Aussie and Kiwi dollars, and has lost ground to most Asian currencies, too. The dollar is underperforming this week as markets look beyond a likely December rate hike to a likely gradual and cautious policy path thereafter -- dubbed in markets as the ... Read More 

  • Asian Edition2015-11-25 17:08 UTC

    The N.Y. trading session ran out of steam early on Wednesday, with many participants heading to the exits ahead of Thursday's Thanksgiving holiday. Despite the deluge of U.S. data, the dollar remained inside of narrow ranges, albeit at firmer levels. EUR-USD touched fresh seven-month lows of 1.0566 at mid-morning, before rallying back over 1.0600, with pre-holiday short covering the driver. USD-JPY managed steady but modest gains through the morning, ... Read More 

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هل ترغبون إرسال الأموال إلى الخارج؟ من السهل تحويل الأموال عبر الإنترنت من خلال تطبيق XE. إنّ خدمتنا مقبولة من المصرف الذي تتعاملون معه كما أنّ عملية التسجيل مجانيّة.

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هل تحتاجون إلى معدّلات أسعار تجارية لعملكم؟ يمكنكم دمج بيانات التلقيم الإخباري الخاصة بتطبيق العملات من XE بسهولة مع النظام الخاص بكم، كما إننا نكفل إيصالها إليكم.

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