عنصر واجهة مستخدم محول العملات

١ INR =٠٫٠٥٤٩٥٢٣SAR
الروبية الهندية1 INR = ٠٫٠٥٤٩٥٢٣ SAR
الريال السعودي1 SAR = ١٨٫١٩٧٦ INR
Live mid-market rate ٥-١٢-٢٠١٦ ١٠:٣٨ جرينتش

INR إلى مخطط SAR


تحليلات سوق XE

  • North American Edition

    The dollar has ebbed back after making new trend highs during the European AM session. USD-JPY was showing a net 0.5% gain, as of the early European PM, although about half a big figure off from the seven-month high logged earlier at 113.53. EUR-USD ... Read More 

    2016-11-24 11:54 UTC
  • European Edition

    The euro pared losses after diving by over 1% versus the yen and euro in early Asia. News that Italian PM Renzi suffered a resounding defeat in the weekend referendum on constitutional reform spooked markets, though in Austria the far right and with ... Read More 

    2016-12-05 08:18 UTC
  • Asian Edition

    The November U.S. jobs report was perhaps not as good as some were expecting, though was certainly good enough to keep a December Fed rate hike fully priced in. Yields and the dollar however, moved lower through most of the session, leaving EUR-USD ... Read More 

    2016-12-02 19:09 UTC

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