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  • North American Edition2016-06-28 10:34 UTC

    Markets calmed today, with sterling and UK stocks finding a footing, and risk-off positioning unwinding some. The BoE injected GBP 3.1 bln into UK banks, South Korea announced a $17 bln stimulus package, Chinese president Li said that he won't allow a rollercoaster ride in Chinese capital markets, and other leaders attempted to assuage investor concerns. The EU leaders summit today has been casting further light on the UK's Leave campaign's preposterous ... Read More 

  • European Edition2016-06-28 06:53 UTC

    Sterling has managed to find a toehold after an unprecedented magnitude of losses over the last two days. Cable recouped to a peak of 1.3336, since settled back under 1.3300. Yesterday's 31-low is at 1.3119. The pound has also managed to lift from 27 lows in the case against the euro. There has not been a catalyst for the rebound, which looks more a question of market exhaustion. S&P and Fitich have chopped their ratings of UK sovereign debt, which ... Read More 

  • Asian Edition2016-06-27 17:49 UTC

    The dollar was mixed in N.Y. trade on Monday, with cable dropping to fresh 31-year lows of 1.3220 following Cameron's speech to parliament. The PM spoke eloquently, but by and large, he only highlighted how perilous the mechanics of Brexit will be. Sterling later recovered marginally to 1.3235. EUR-USD traded a narrow range, basing at 1.0973 before bouncing to 1.1044 highs. USD-JPY held near 101.50 through much of the session, later moving to 10194 highs ... Read More 

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